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Find out how we are helping women advance their careers and thrive in the Communications and Technology Industries in Canada.

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WCT's latest Needs Assesment research is now released. Find out what Women need to advance in their careers.

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2017 Annual Award Winners

Career Sponsorship

Step Up Your Career with Sponsorship Beyond making the usual annual resolutions to exercise more and give up sugar, t ...

6 Ways to Foster a Culture of Innovation

Nilufer Erdebil, founder and CEO of Spring2Innovation, a innovation consulting firm, shares 6 steps to foster a culture ...

Press Releases

WCT Survey Shows Career Strategy is Key to Women’s Advancement in Technology

  Ottawa, April 5th Being-outnumbered three to one by male colleagues presents many challenges to women who work ...

WCT Annual Leadership Awards Recognize Diversity Efforts and Outstanding Women in Canada

Women in Communications and Technology (WCT) announced today the recipients of their prestigious Leadership Excellence A ...

WCT’s Executive Sponsorship Program Launches Third Year of Success  

  Ottawa, February 22 2017. Women in Communications and Technology announces applications are now open for posit ...
  • Apr26Annual Awards Gala 2017Event registration now closed, please follow along at #wctgala17
  • May25Nice Girls Don't Get The Corner OfficeExecutive coach Dr. Lois Frankel has spent many years empowering thousands of women to reach their fullest potential. To help women overcome the deeply imbedded character traits they learned as girls and take control of their careers, Dr. Frankel has identified more than 100 unconscious mistakes that women make during their careers and she has prescribed numerous ways they can overcome them in her international bestseller.


 2017 Annual Awards Gala 

The 2017 Annual Awards Gala will be on April 27th, 2017 in Ottawa. 
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Women in Communications and Technology (WCT) is a not-for-profit organization - an association of women who work in the communications, digital media and technology sectors. With the help of our sponsors, we are committed to creating jobs and advancing women in their careers by facilitating a Canadian network of industry support and recognition, leadership and skills development, and mentoring.

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