Regional Board

Co-Chair: Meghan Newman, Manager, Brand Delivery, TLS

Co-Chair: Simone Moreau-Rodgers, Marketing Faculty, Fanshawe College

Director of Communications: Lauren Redman, Director of Marketing, KGK Science

Director of Partnerships & Sponsorships: Candace Campbell, Business Development Specialist, London Economic Development Corporation (LEDC)

Director of Partnerships & Sponsorships: Karah Blandford, Account Strategist, Ontario SEO

Director of Membership and Programs: Phebe Porbeni, Specialist, Human Resources Information Systems, City of London

Director of Design: Olivia Griggs, Project Coordinator, The Minery Ltd.

Director of Media: Jennifer Stead, Manager, Marketing and Communications, The Sunshine Foundation of Canada 

Director of Events and Professional Development: Barb Bauslaugh, Team Coordinator, TLS – Connecting Voices

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