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Blueprint for Women's Leadership

This is not just good for business, it's good for Canada

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Today in Canada, women are significantly underrepresented in the workforce, particularly in senior management positions in communications, media and technology sectors. In fact, according to ICTC, women represent less than 25% of the workforce in this space and the numbers decline with more senior positions. A white paper, Solutions to Women’s Advancement by Women of Influence, identified that career advancement was the weakest area for career success. Without a focus on gender diversity and the need to advance careers in the information, communications, media and technology sectors, smart leaders know that the Canadian economy won’t achieve its growth potential.


Let's Talk About Closing the Gender Gap: A Blueprint for Women's Leadership

With input from more than 250 leaders from across Canada, Closing the Gender Gap distills the known universe of strategies, policies and programs to attract, retain and advance women in digital industries in Canada. 

The report identifies the barriers to closing the gender gap and outlines clear recommendations for employers to improve their practices and leverage female talent more effectively. All topics of diversity in the workplace are discussed in the report, including quotas, pay-equity and sexual harassment. 

Let's Talk About Closing the Gender Gap: An Executive Panel Discussion

To launch the report, WCT hosted an executive panel discussion at Corus Entertainment. Carolyn Jarvis, Chief Investigative Report for Global News moderated a panel conversation with Barbara Williams, COO at Corus Entertainment, Paul Vallée, Founder and CEO Pythian, and Jules Andrew, Senior Vice President, Enterprise Operations and Payments at RBC

Video Highlights:


Barbara Williams on The Importance of Metric

Jules Andrew on Unconscious Bias

Barbara Williams on Merit

Paul Vallee on Bro Culture


Paul Vallee on The Competetive Advantage of a Well-blended team

Closing the Gender Gap - Shann McGrail