WEBINAR: Working Remotely While Staying Connected

With Covid-19 now an established reality and for the foreseeable future the new normal in Canada and around the globe this has accelerated remote working practices, procedures and policies a decade ahead of its time.

So what does this new normal look like? Where is it going? Most importantly what type of technology paired with people and company culture creates the greatest recipe for success to support productive, secure, remote work.

Please join Cam Smith who leads the “Teamwork” product strategy for Microsoft Canada has he dives into Microsoft’s mission surrounding these various subjects and offers his thoughts in how Canadians not only adjust, but thrive within a remote work culture creating stronger teams, greater productivity, better culture and ultimately a the workforce of the future that’s arrived today.

Cam Smith, Sr. Product Manager, Microsoft Canada

Cam has spent 10 years in the tech industry helping to empower individuals and organizations to leverage technology to increase productivity, profitability and most importantly human ingenuity. What drives him is looking at how culture and creativity paired with great technology create the best outcomes for people and organizations to reach their goals.

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May 6th, 2020 12:00 PM through  1:00 PM
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