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Diversity xchange alberta: a best practice forum for employers

Diversity delivers business results. Organizations that are diverse are better-governed, more innovative and deliver better results than those that aren’t and many employers are already reaping the benefits of a more diverse workforce. Their leadership in diversity and inclusion has equipped them with a wealth of experience about the business practices that help build diversity, equity and inclusion and they are happy to share this expertise.

WCT is pleased to present an 8-part webinar series for Alberta employers, delivered by Alberta employers. Topics range from recruitment to organizational leadership. Webinars are free for Alberta employers, are an hour long and will be delivered to your desktop through the fall and winter of 2021 and 2022.

Whether your organization is just beginning to explore diversity, equity and inclusion or is simply seeking insight on current best practices, WCT’s Diversity Xchange is an excellent opportunity to improve your diversity practices and outcomes. The winter program will be announced in the coming weeks.

** This series is aimed at Alberta employers, however it is open to the WCT community across Canada. **


The Well-equipped Home (car, gym, coffee shop etc) Office | November 1, 2021 | 12pm MT

The global pandemic has fundamentally changed our ideas about where work can be performed.  After a year of managing a work-at-home workforce, many employers are considering making this a permanent feature. This places new emphasis on the importance of connectivity and IT infrastructures. This panel, composed of four technology executives, discusses effective strategies to deliver productivity to the home office and everywhere else employees work.

Panelists: Sarah Shortreed, CIO, ATCO, I See What You See; Betty Rhiger, CTO, Microsoft Canada; Guillermo Salazar, CEO and Co-founder, ICwhat UC

Moderator: Tracey Nyholt, Founder and CEO, TechJutsu

The Role of ERGs, Mentorship, Sponsorship and Other Support Programs in Employee Diversity and Retention | November 24, 2021 | 12pm MT

Employers of diverse and inclusive workforces understand the vital role that support programs to overcome the isolation experienced by women and people from other under-represented groups play in employee retention.  This panel will explore the value of women’s networks, mentorship and sponsorship programs to retain and advance the careers of those who would otherwise be marginalized.

Panelists: Roselle Gonsalves, Director Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging ATB Financial; Cheryl Fullerton, EVP People and Communications, Corus

Moderator: Jillian Kruschell, CEO, Libra Consulting

Coming in January and February 2022

Webinar 5:  Training and Communications for Diversity and Inclusion

Sometimes the difference between a well-executed diversity and inclusion strategy and failure is how well an organization communicates it intentions and invests in the training necessary to establish new performance standards.  This panel looks at effective communications programs and approaches to organizational training.

Webinar 6:  True Transparency in Compensation and Performance Management

Published salary bands are in widespread use among companies aiming to provide wage transparency to employees. But they are no guarantee against inequities. This panel composed of policy makers and employers looks at new approaches to closing the wage gap between genders.

Webinar 7:  Diversity, Equality and Inclusion by the Numbers

Workforce data is as integral to a modern organization’s success as sales figures and balance sheets. Yet the practice of gender-based analysis is relatively rare in business. Two leaders in this practice share their experiences with GBA and the wealth of business information it can provide to employers.

Webinar 8:  Ensuring, and Celebrating Diversity in Governance

Women (as well as racialized and other marginalized groups) are still vastly outnumbered on the Boards and in the C-suites and corner offices of Alberta and Canada. Is there really a shortage of women possessing leadership talent, or could the search be smarter? A panel of female directors and executives discuss this question.

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