FCT Montreal hosts Lois Frankel


On Thursday May 25th, the WCT Quebec Chapter was lucky enough to host a conference featuring the renowned Dr. Lois Frankel, author of the bestselling book “Nice girls don’t get the corner office”.

The event was held at the Sheraton hotel in downtown Montreal where we hosted 150 distinguished participants. Dr. Frankel was kind enough to join us early on in the evening to mingle with our guests and discuss her book as well as share her vast experience. 








Dr. Frankel explained that we shouldn’t be unkind. To be nice is necessary but it is not enough! We have to address our “Nice girl syndrome” learnt through childhood messages and stop doing the things that are expected of us but rather do what we really want.  She explained that the opposite of a nice girl is a Winning Woman.


Evaluate the past to prepare for the future

Build relationships that are meaningful to us

Manage expectations

Craft meaningful messages

Prepare for pushback

Use and share your connections

Live your values

She shared the top 10 tactics every winning woman needs in her skill set:

  1. Be crystal clear about what you want
  2. Play to win
  3. Assert yourself
  4. Learn the nuances of female negociations
  5. Use the DESCript approach for difficult conversations:
  • Describe
  • Explain and Elicit
  • Specify desired outcome
  • Create Consequences
  1. Communicate in headlines and taglines
  2. Manage your emotions
  3. Stop doing your “job”
  4. Employ contrasting
  5. Sit at the table.

In conclusion, Dr. Frankel explained that we absolutely need to focus on building our individual brands. What do we want people to say about us when we leave the room?


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