The Power of Mentorship: WCT in Conversation with Joan Mweu and Diane Dufour


WCT is currently accepting applications from members who wish to participate in our Mentorship program (sponsored by Corus) in 2019.  Research shows that women who actively seek and work with mentors enjoy stronger career success and earn higher incomes than those who don’t.  But there are other less tangible benefits to be gained as well, as two participants in the 2018 program tell us.  Joan Mweu works in growth email marketing for Shopify, a leading ecommerce platform. Her mentor, Diane Dufour, is an entrepreneur who founded and has led Accurate Creative, a successful marketing communications agency employing 20 people, for 30 years.


WCT:  Joan, why did you decide to participate in the WCT mentorship program?  

Joan:  Mentorship has played a really important role in my life, it’s been instrumental in helping me find my voice, discover my potential, see things from different perspectives and continually grow. Moving into a marketing role in a tech company brought along new challenges and I was looking to connect with someone who could provide the context to help me unlock opportunities and gain knowledge in this new setting.

WCT:  Why did you volunteer to be a mentor, Diane?

Diane: Perspective is a great thing. Being a mentor is a personal growth activity that broadens and enriches my life.  I’ve learned a lot of interesting things from Joan. 

WCT:  Please describe the dynamics of your relationship. 

Joan: We've been able to connect as friends first and mentor/mentee second. I believe that mentorship is a relationship, where you really need to enjoy spending time with a person, feel open to talk about issues, barriers, fears and other things that challenge your identity because true growth doesn't just impact who we are at work, but who we are entirely. 

Diane: Our relationship has been organic. To me, mentorship is not about solving someone's problems. It is not about judging or guiding issues but sharing perspectives and experiences.

WCT:  What do value most from the relationship so far?

Diane: I enjoy listening to Joan talk about her goals, successes and challenges. I see a lot of the younger me in her. 

Joan: It's been great to hear about how Diane has overcome obstacles, and become the powerhouse she is today. I have learnt from her that you have the power to determine your destiny through the decisions you make, she is truly iconic and a leader.

WCT:    Joan, what's your advice to people who may be considering joining the WCT mentorship program?

Joan: Sign up today. Mentorship is like getting the answers to a really difficult and mandatory exam that we’ll all eventually take. There are many who have gone before us and come out triumphant, and this is an opportunity to learn from them.

WCT:  And Diane, what would you say to people who may be thinking about signing on as a mentor?

Diane: Being a mentor a special experience. It adds a dimension to my life that I can't get out of being a business owner, a wife, a mother, a friend ... or any other roles that I hold in my life. It's quite unique.

WCT’s mentorship program is open to all members.  Spaces in the program are limited so apply today.





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