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There is something energizing and inspiring about being in a room full of women from all walks of life, in all stages of their careers. WCT's Speed Mentoring session gave me the chance to learn more about the barriers women continue to face in technology-related fields. Their challenges were relatable, however, the means of overcoming these challenges were different for each person I had the privilege of speaking with. During this session, we discussed the importance of creating an engaging story that helps build and elevate a brand, whether that brand belongs to a corporation, a small business, or an individual.  As a digital media professional myself, I appreciated learning more about how women in technical roles navigate the industry, with its warts and all. Some have stayed, and others have felt compelled to leave.

My two biggest pieces of advice were passed along to me from my mentors:

1) Decide whether you want impressive titles or impressive brands/company names on your resume, and let that help guide your job search;
2) Always visualize two steps ahead of you, like a chess game. Think about the job you want two moves from now, and align yourself with the mentors, resources and professional development that you'll need to get there.

About Zeynep 

Zeynep has a track record of implementing top-performing digital content programs that connect with audiences while positively impacting the bottom line. An innovative leader, she has creatively sourced new audiences, untapped partnerships and underutilized resources with profitable results. Thriving in dynamic, data-driven spaces, Zeynep has steered global projects in collaboration with cross-functional teams across North America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East. As a tactical marketer, she has held management roles in the media, PR and private sectors for over 13 years, working with reputable brands like Time Out Worldwide, Lonely Planet, Nokia, Rogers Communications, and now Microsoft.

As a performance-inspired MSN Producer with Microsoft (through Aquent), Zeynep analyzes and curates best-in-class content from reputable media outlets for one of the largest global content platforms in the world. The content she manages ranges from lifestyle, travel and entertainment stories to hotly debated topics and trending news of the day.

Zeynep joined the Women in Tech World family as the Director of Marketing & Communications in 2017, and she has had the privilege of working with professionals across Canada to develop the messaging and promotions for the Gender Equity Roadmap. With the data collected along the Driving WinTech research tour last year, the Roadmap will support and advance Canada’s women in tech by informing community-driven programming and projects in 30+ communities nationwide. 

Zeynep Tuck
MSN Producer, Microsoft
Director of Marketing & Communications, Women in Tech World




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