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Blueprint for Women's Leadership

With support from Status of Women Canada, WCT will be facilitating a series of roundtables across the country bringing together Canadian leaders from the communications, media and technology sectors to work together to create a “Blueprint for Women’s Leadership in the Digital Economy.”

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WCT Roundtables Blueprint for Women's Leadership

The following video provides all of the information you need to know for WCT's roundtables.

WCT Roundtables Blueprint for Women's Leadership Video

In Canada today, women are significantly underrepresented in the workforce, particularly in senior management positions in the CMT sectors. In fact, according to ICTC, women represent less than 25% of the workforce in this space and the numbers decline with more senior positions. A white paper, Solutions to Women’s Advancement by Women of Influence identified that career advancement was the weakest area for career success. Without a focus on gender diversity and the need to advance careers in the CMT sector, smart leaders know that the Canadian economy won’t achieve its growth potential. The time for action is now and WCT is invites you to be part of the solution.


The goal of the session is to consult with industry stakeholders, mobilize knowledge sharing and use the discussion input as a component in the development of a blueprint. The resulting “Blueprint for Women’s Leadership in the Digital Economy” is intended to be a framework for organizations in the CMT sector to implement to increase the number of women in senior roles and to realize the positive business benefits gained from gender diversity. Increased gender equality at leadership levels will create a sea change for a more diverse workforce in Canada. This is good for business and good for Canada.


Participants will work together to create a framework for advancing female talent in Canada and in the process discuss:

  • The current state and maturity level of programs supporting women’s career advancement 
  • The conditions and resources that need to be in place for success 
  • The most innovative, replicable best practices that return business results

A Successful Outcome

The discussions and conclusions from each roundtable will be summarized and shared with participants. Participants will have access to a summary of the individual roundtable discussions and conclusions as well as an overall summary of the conclusions gathered from across the country. The final output from the consultations will be a framework that organizations can use to assess their diversity leadership and concrete tools to reach a more balanced gender diversity and to realize the associated benefits and profitability.


In five cities across Canada, 35-45 leaders will come together in a 2 hour facilitated consultation that will include a diversity framework co-creation process followed by questions to be explored in participant working groups.

Examples of the topics and questions that will explored by participating leaders include:

  • Does your organization have formal or informal career development and advancement programs in place? 
  • What results are those programs producing? 
  • What resources were necessary to implement and maintain these programs? 
  • What mindset, attitudes and communication need to be in place for it to be successful?

With the facilitators, workgroup discussions will be followed by a read out and wrap up of the session.

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