Jeanne Sauvé Career Development Program

In Canada’s broadcast and communications industry, knowledge is power. The WCT Jeanne Sauvé Career Development program is designed to give you a “backstage pass”. Whether you work in the private or public sector, learn how the other half lives.This intensive learning experience will do more than educate and empower you, it will give you new perspectives, insights and direct access to some of the industry’s most influential policy and regulatory decision makers, as well as new ways to think, work and springboard your career. If you work in telecommunications or the media industry and are interested in policy and program design, this program is a unique way to gain unparalleled access to the area of communications regulation and policy.

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About the Program

The WCT Jeanne Sauvé Career Development Program is a chance for six participants – one each from Innovation, Science and Economic Development (ISED), Canadian Heritage and the CRTC, as well as three from private-sector organizations – to take part in a two-week rotation. You'll learn first-hand how private industry, government and regulatory agencies respond to new issues and challenges. You will also examine questions about program design, strategy and how best to meet the needs of customers, legislators and stakeholders. Participants tailor the agenda for this in-depth look at communications regulation and policy.

Program Overview
Program FAQ

Who can apply to the program?

Private Sector
WCT members working in management - or preparing for a management role in the communications industry - with a background or experience that makes this program's policy and regulatory focus relevant.

Public sector
WCT members working at Canadian Heritage, ISED or the CRTC.


WCT is accepting applications until March 28th, 2017.


2016 Program Participants

We congratulate the women below who were selected to participate in the 2016 program.

Lisa Ball



Lisa Ball
Engineering Manager & Compliance Officer, Rogers TV




Cathy Edwards 


Cathy Edwards
Executive Director, CACTUS







Christine Hsu
Senior Spectrum Engineer, ISED







Annick Munezero
Policy Analyst, Canadian Heritage








Kelsey McLaren
Lawyer, Rogers Communications







Julie St-Pierre
Policy Analyst, CRTC


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