Digital Strategy Conference

Women in Communications and Technology is an association partner of the Canadian Digital Strategy Conference. The conference offers a unique learning experience for senior managers, directors and their digital teams. Organizations are encouraged to take a team approach to learning so as to raise the level of understanding across their organization.

Digital Strategy

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What is digital strategy?

Digital strategy is the process of identifying, articulating and executing on digital opportunities that will increase your organization’s competitive advantage. And yes, this applies to government, not for profits and advocacy groups as well.

Sessions are delivered by industry leaders and knowledge experts. Participants not only get a foundation in the essentials of digital strategy, they are provided with insight into how to assess their organizations level of digital maturity.

Mapping digital maturity is the first step towards developing a strategic plan that not only integrates digital; it better positions the organization for competitive advantage and the ability to deliver on its mission. Conference content is aligned with the key dimensions of the dStrategy Digital Maturity Model™

• Social Strategy – From Social Media to Social Business
• Content Strategy – Content, Technology and Experience
• Data Strategy – Managing the Digital Analytics Process
• Channel Strategy – Sales, Marketing and Distribution
• People and Technology – Organization and Operational Readiness

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