Chart a course for greater diversity and inclusion

For nearly 30 years, Women in Communications and Technology has worked for the greater engagement and advancement of women in Canada’s digital economy.

This work requires continuous conversation with our members and their employers about the most effective strategies and practices to foster gender diversity and inclusion and build better workplaces.

WCT has distilled the knowledge acquired in this ongoing dialogue into new tools for employers who want to improve their diversity and inclusion outcomes. WCT GPS (Gender Parity Scorecard) features a unique assessment tool that queries participants about practices inside their companies that foster inclusion. This assessment tool produces a scorecard that illustrates how the participant’s employer’s practices compare with leaders in gender diversity and inclusion.  And it offers recommendations and actions employers can take to improve. WCT GPS also includes a library of resources that WCT recommends.

How to participate in the workshop
  1. Complete assessment.
  2. Return to this page and watch the Introduction video.
  3. Watch the videos in the resources section below, and consult the references to help you move through the Gender Diversity Model.
  4. Watch the Action Planning video.

Complete assessment


Once you've completed the assessment, begin by watching the Introduction video below. After watching the video, proceed to the section(s) identified in your report as areas for improvement. Watch the video and consult the linked resources. Finally, watch the Action Planning video to identify how to move forward after the workshop. 


Additional Resources:


Video: Salesforce CEO

An Incomplete Guide to Inclusive Language for Startups and Tech


Additional Resources:

Wage Equity Builds 'Brave' Careers

Pay Equity Act Canada

Performance Management

Career Development

Additional Resources:

WCT Protégé Project

WCT National Mentorship Program

"Power Gap" Robyn Dolittle, Chen Wang.  Globe and Mail, Jan 23, 2021

Support Programs

Additional Resources:

"A Lack of Sponsorship is Keeping Women from Advancing." HBR

WCT National Mentorship Program

WCT Protégé Project


Additional Resources:

Unconscious bias training

Analytics and Reporting

Additional Resources:

WCT Up the Numbers Report

Diversity Among Board Directors and Officers: Exploratory Estimates on Family, Work and Income


Additional Resources:

Google Memo to employees from CEO Sundar Pichai

WCT webinar: Culture in the Age of Covid-19

External Representation

Additional Resources:

WCT Leadership Excellence Awards

"How Supplier Diversity Works" WBE 

Canada's Best Diversity Employers Awards

Board of Directors

Additional Resources:

2019 Diversity Disclosure Practices at TSX-listed Companies

Accenture Getting to Equal Reports

50-30 Challenge

Diversity Among Board Directors and Officers: Exploratory Estimates on Family, Work and Income


Please give us your feedback.

  • Was WCT GPS helpful to you? Would you like more information on building a stronger, more diverse organization? We welcome suggestions on how we can improve this tool. 
  • Would you like WCT to conduct a gender parity workshop for your organization? 

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WCT gratefully acknowledges funding support for this workshops. The Province of Alberta is working in partnership with the Government of Canada to provide employment support programs and services. Funding is provided by the Government of Canada through the Alberta Job Fund. Women and Gender Equality Canada also funded this project.