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Wage Equity Helps Build “Brave” Careers | June 8, 2021 at 12pm ET

It’s 2021 and women in Canada still earn 23 per cent less than men. Despite all the efforts by government, employers and labour, our gender gap in compensation persists. Smart companies, especially those dependant on the quality of their people, are recognizing that closing the gap can help in the battle for top talent.

Pariveda Solutions was founded in 2003 on the idea that a consulting firm that authentically focused on people would succeed. Because competition for talent in consulting is fiercely competitive, Pariveda set out to distinguish itself through innovative approaches to how employees are compensated and develop their careers. This has meant setting aside conventional practices such as published salary bands, incentive compensation/bonuses, or focusing on pay as the single measure of equity.

Today Pariveda is considered one of the top employers in consulting. Saf Mahmood (who is also a WCT Board Director) is Pariveda’s Managing Vice-President for Toronto. He and Lori Dipprey, Chief People Architect for Pariveda, will present WCT’s next webinar on how their company has created a more equitable and somewhat unorthodox approach to compensation transparency and career development that pays off in the search for talent.


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