WCT offers webinars on a variety of topics. From developing agile communications strategies to managing innovation, the webinar series features inspiring leaders from around the world. WCT webinars are always free to members.

The first webinars in our fall webinar series, “Learning and connection in the virtual workplace,” are now live and open for registration! Beginning September 8th, we will offer webinars every two weeks throughout the fall.

Following our Spring Webinar Series, “Webinars for the Times We Work In”, our fall webinar series will feature inspiration, connection, and education from some of the incredible individuals in our network. Whether you are still working from home or returning to the office this fall, we hope that you’ll join us!

WCT webinars are always free for WCT members. If you plan to attend 4 or more webinars, consider purchasing a membership to WCT. Get free access to all WCT National webinars for an entire year, plus discounted rates for WCT chapter events, and access to our National Mentorship Program, Dr Roberta Bondar Career Development Program, and Jeanne Sauvé Career Development Program.

Recordings of WCT webinars are available for all WCT Members upon signing in. 

Past Webinar topics inlcude:

  • Building a Magnetic Culture with Heather Arthur
  • Authentic Leadership with Dee-Ann Lama
  • How to Optimize Your LinkedIn Presence

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