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Join the first virtual community for women working in communications, media and technology. 

WCT Connect is a national community for women to get connected to opportunities and tools to progress in their careers. It empowers women by providing real-time mentorship opportunities, a safe space for Q&A, a curated job board and up to the minute professional development resources powered by WCT and the community.

WCT Connect is a safe place to:

  • get connected with industry professionals and experts
  • find speakers and board members
  • ask and answer questions
  • search a curated job board; and
  • learn from each other.

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Empowering men to be part of the solution

WCT Connect is not only a place for women to continue the conversations that matter, but also a community for men and women to ask each other important questions and collaborate for change.

Empowering organizations to diversify

Organizations have approached WCT in the past for help with hiring more women and the platform will not only help workplaces do just that, but also create a clearer path for them to:

  • attract and retain more female talent
  • connect female employees to career development
  • empower male employees to be actively engaged in the solution
  • find female board members and expert contributors