Regional Board

Co-Chair: Natalie Farden | Director Strategy, TELUS | LinkedIn

Co-Chair: Christy Valente | Manager Technology Strategy, TELUS | LinkedIn

Director of Sponsorship: Shazia Zeb Sobani | VP, Customer Network Implementation, TELUS

Director of Communication: Brandi Marsden | Lead - Live and Special Events, Corus | LinkedIn

Education Liaison Director: Erin Gates | Academic Chair, Software & Data, SAIT | LinkedIn

Director of Communication: Nancy Narayan | Business Consultant, TELUS | LinkedIn

Director of Programs: Tracey Nyholt | CEO & Founder, Techjutsu | LinkedIn

Vice Chair: Kelly Pitaoulis | Account Director, Allstream | LinkedIn

Director: Jana Mosley | Senior VP Power, Enmax

Director of Membership: Carolyn Levy | President, Technologies & Chief Diversity Officer Canada, Randstad | LinkedIn

Director of Programs: Pam Karnik | Community Board, TELUS | LinkedIn

Secretary: Parisha Dalmia | LinkedIn


If you are interested in volunteering for the Alberta Chapter Regional Board, please contact us at

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