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Co-Chair: Simone Moreau-Rodgers | Marketing Professor, Fanshawe College | LinkedIn 

Co-Chair: Meghan Newman | Director of Customer Care, FCFP | LinkedIn 

Communications Director: Jennifer Stead | Manager, Marketing and Communications, The Sunshine Foundation of Canada | LinkedIn 

Design Director: Olivia Griggs | Digital Marketing Specialist, Northern Commerce | LinkedIn

Design Coordinator: Diana Corredor | Graphic Designer, In2communications & Graphic Design Professor, Fanshawe College | LinkedIn 

Social Media Director: Shreya Raj | University Relations Recruiter, Ericsson | LinkedIn 

Social Media Coordinator: Ishitaa Dua | Customer Service Advisor, Concentrix | LinkedIn 

Copy Director: Nadia Conroy | Data Scientist, Media Sonar Technologies | LinkedIn 

Copy Director: Rebecca Lajoie | Channel Specialist, SEO & CRO, | LinkedIn 

Membership & Programs Director: Phebe Porbeni | Specialist, HR Systems & Business Solutions, City of London, Canada | LinkedIn 

Events & Professional Development Director: Barb Bauslaugh | LinkedIn 

Partnership & Sponsorship Director: Karah Blandford | Account Strategist, Ontario SEO | LinkedIn 

Relationship Director: Monica McMillan | Senior Client Success Manager, Media Sonar Technologies Inc. | LinkedIn 

Administration Director: Priya Ramji | Founder, Six Sense | LinkedIn 

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WCT London Mentorship Circles - A Place to Grow

Do you want to be empowered in your career? Do you wish to achieve your professional goals, but need to build your skills and knowledge? Do you struggle with maintaining a work-life balance?

The Mentorship Circles program at The London Chapter of Women in Communications and Technology is launching in Fall 2020!

Mentorship Circles provide a diverse and inclusive space for enthusiastic, goal-oriented women to exchange experiences, challenges and accomplishments.

With your mentorship group, explore topics like:

  • Building and growing a network
  • Managing work-life balance
  • Working towards a raise or promotion
  • Advancing leadership skills
  • And many more!

All Women Need Mentors

Mentorship gives like-minded women a chance to connect and practice their communication skills, in an environment where growth and support are the focus. When it comes to mentorship, we use the metaphor of a circle for a reason. Circles enclose and protect. They are continuous and self-supportive.

Experts recognize how mentoring relationships indeed bring something different – a gained perspective that encourages inclusive behaviour. Over 94% of women say their careers would be helped by mentoring. It is a critical part of both professional and personal development.

Virtual Mentorship Meetings

Your experience as a mentee will be an exciting one, and just as individual as you are. The meetings are virtual events that run from December 2020 to June 2021, including three mentorship circles events, an orientation and a wrap-up event.  Your mentorship circles meetings will be composed of you, five to six other mentees, and one or two mentors. 






Kick-Off Mentoring Circles

 Three 2-hour events

Wrap Up

The meetings are designed to be highly collaborative and cooperative. You work together to define common goals, encourage support and develop strategies through open communication and active participation.

To find out more about being a mentee, see FAQs for Mentees

Join Now

To register as a mentee in WCT Mentorship Circles, complete a confidential intake form where you provide information related to your career goals. The information will be used to match you to a career group. Registration is open until November 25, 2020.

There is a fee of $50 for non-members for the entire year, $35 for WCT members and $20 for students.

Depending on your profile characteristics, mentees are assigned to one of three possible groups:

  1. The Early Career Mentorship: For women new in their career, or recent and soon to be post-secondary graduates. Having a mentor can help you develop skills and explore new opportunities. 
  2. The Mid Career Mentorship: For women with 5 to 15 years experience. Mentorship in your mid-career is a perfect way to expand your network, and achieve that next important career step.
  3. The Executive Mentorship: For women with more than 15 years of professional experience. Learn from other women leaders how to fine-tune skills and excel in the highest roles.

Mentorship will give you the tools to address professional challenges and feel confident doing so. Be inspired and motivated by others, create and envision new solutions for industry, and celebrate achievements large and small.

Most of all, expect an amazing experience of learning and personal growth that can never be duplicated!

We look forward to seeing you!

WCT London Mentoring circles is a female-organized initiative, meaning we prioritize issues relating to the needs of women leaders and professionals in the workplace. While we are female-led, we support gender diversity in the program, and participation as a mentor or mentee is fully inclusive to other gender identities.


FAQs for Mentees

FAQs for Mentors


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