Chair: Kimberley Bishop

Marketing and Communications Chair: Rebecca Grima

Membership Chair: Lani Edwards

Finance Chair: Winnie Navarro

B2B Sponsorship Chair: Lana Bakun

Events Chair: Karen Flores

Committee Member/Volunteer: Cindy Dowse

Committee Member/Volunteer: Diane Kashton

Committee Member/Volunteer: JP Hernandez

About WCT Manitoba

Hello and welcome to WCT Manitoba! 

We are an industrious, friendly and collaborative group of women that welcome fresh ideas and suggestions when planning our WCT MB events. We strive to have at least two events per year, and as a member of WCT MB, you will play a key role in engaging, inspiring and championing women to build careers and achieve leadership roles through active participation in these events.

Women in Communications and Technology (WCT) Manitoba is actively seeking Board members, committee members and volunteers. As a Board Member, you will help determine and drive the strategy of the Manitoba Chapter. As a committee member you will organize and implement empowering and educational events. As a volunteer, you will add a personal touch and will help our team at our events. Serving on either the WCT MB Board, on the committee or as a volunteer is a great way to sharpen your leadership skills and network while making a lasting difference in Manitoba's communications and technology sectors.

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