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Lundi 10 déc
Ottawa, ON
Mercredi 16 jan
12:00 PM
A WCT webinar introducing High Performance Computing. Lire la suite
Mardi 26 fév
Toronto, ON
6:00 PM
RBC Waterpark Place, 88 Queen's Quay West
Join us at the fantastic RBC Waterpark place auditorium for a keynote and a panel discussion on how Cybersecurity is impacting all our lives and creating new careers and new companies! Lire la suite
Jeudi 7 mar
London, ON
Mercredi 10 avr
Toronto, ON
5:30 PM
Future TODAY : a deep dive on Artificial Intelligence; Hosted by AWS. Join us at the AWS office and participate in a deep dive discussion on Artificial Intelligence (AI). We will discuss how AI is...Lire la suite
Jeudi 9 mai
Toronto, ON
6:30 PM
111 Queen Street E
Exclusive networking event at the beautiful Verity Club! Network with professionals from your industry. Get advice from top notch mentors who lead organization from across tech and media/...Lire la suite