Her Words, Our Wisdom

How many times have you been surprised to learn about a female friend or colleague’s hidden expertise? Research shows women typically don’t advertise their professional strengths and abilities and it could be holding them back. WCT-NCR aims to change that. We believe that by amplifying individual – and collective – strengths we can empower women and create change. That’s why we’re launching the video campaign, ‘Her Words, Our Wisdom’. It starts with ‘her’ voice and comes full circle with the collective wisdom in a documentary.

Her words, our wisdom intro from WCT-FCT on Vimeo.


Participants will share two-minutes of wisdom – on video.

We're inviting women of all ages, backgrounds and experience  to share their two minutes of wisdom. It doesn’t matter where you are in your career – a burgeoning professional or a veteran executive – different perspectives and insights are essential tools for success.

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